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COVID-19. Contingency plan


Product withdrawals decrease is slightly attenuated during the last week

Oil product withdrawals from CLH facilities to the Spanish market during the week of 18 – 24 May rebounded slightly compared to the previous weeks although it continues at levels below those of the same week in 2019.

This week there is a slight rebound in the withdrawals of gasoline and diesel while aviation fuels while consumption remained stable compared to previous weeks, since the beginning of the measures adopted in the country as a result of COVID-19

Gasoline withdrawals decreased by 50% and automotive diesel oil were reduced by 34%. For aviation fuels, withdrawals maintained a 90% drop.

The CLH Group has implemented a Return Plan to guarantee the safe return of all CLH employees to their work centers and the increase in suspended activity. The main objectives of this plan are to protect the health of CLH employees, business continuity and prevention against a possible rebound in the pandemic.

For the elaboration of this strategy, the company has followed the instructions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health and will adapt to what is established at any time by the Administration.

In all cases, the necessary preventive, hygienic, safety and distancing measures are applied, both to guarantee a safe return to the workplace, and in the personal sphere, and updated information is being provided to all people, both from the company and external, on the hygiene and protection measures to carry out.