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Quality and quantity analysis and control

Analysis and quality control

We have laboratories with extensive experience and international prestige for conducting exhaustive analysis on petroleum products. This network is coordinated from the Central Laboratory of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), and has ISO 9001 certification and ENAC accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025.

The main lines of activity are:

  • Tests for the evaluation of fuels, lubricants, additives and consumables in automobiles.
  • Research and development of products that respond to future and market needs.
  • Analysis of characterisation of petroleum products.
  • Analysis of the environmental impact produced by possible spillages of the products during the various storage, handling and transport processes.
  • Quality control of marketed oil products.
  • Evaluation and resolution of any type of problem that may arise within the market related to the use of lubricants or fuels.
  • Microbiological analyses related to the storage and use of petroleum products.

We also have collaboration agreements with various universities to carry out research work and participate in working groups on national and European fuel specifications.



The CLH Group has a Metrology Laboratory located in Loeches (Madrid). The laboratory is one of the most comprehensive in Europe and is the only one in Spain certified by ENAC (the Spanish Accreditation Body) for fuel volume, with a flow range of up to 1,200 m3 per hour.

The laboratory performs calibration work at its headquarters and at the company's other facilities, verifying the measurement systems for storage tanks, tank truck loading facilities and aircraft fueling systems. In addition, it also offers its services to external clients.

One of the competitive advantages of the Metrology Laboratory is that it uses real products, i.e. commercial fuels, in its tests, which is greatly appreciated by customers.

The Metrology Laboratory of the CLH Group has been designated as a Collaborating Laboratory of the Spanish Metrology Centre (CEM), which allows its facilities to be used for the joint performance of calibrations, verifications or tests of oil product measuring equipment.

It also sponsors the CLH Chair in Hydrocarbon Metrology at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, whose objective is to promote knowledge of hydrocarbon metrology, in addition to promoting metrological research activities.

The technical competence of the Metrology Laboratory is demonstrated by the accreditations granted by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC), according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard.

LC10.066 Temperature and volume calibrations performed at permanent laboratory.

LE392 Onsite tests in meters and verification of measurement equipment.

If you need an in-lab calibration or an on-site test, you can request one at the following e-mail address: laboratoriometrologia@grupoclh.com.