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Other specialised services

Tax and quality additive

In Spain, the CLH Group offers a personalised additive service, where customers can choose between incorporating their own additives or request the incorporation of additives selected by CLH quality experts, so that customers can offer the market a differentiated product with the highest quality assurance.

CLH additives, especially quality additives, give the fuel characteristics that improve the current market specifications and add to the quality and efficiency gains.

  • Additives of differentiated quality: CLH offers its customers the possibility of adding quality additives to the products shipped from its own facilities. These additives are automatically incorporated in the loading arm and selectively in each order.
  • Quality: Customers have the possibility to incorporate additives selected by CLH that improve the standard quality of gasoline and diesel fuel.
  • Tax: In Spain, due to legal requirements, additives of the tracer-colouring type must be added to B and C diesel fuels, which enjoy tax relief and whose use and consumption must be controlled.
  • Anti-freeze: In winter, this is added to the gas oils in plants located in the coldest areas to improve their performance at very low temperatures.
  • Anti-static: This is incorporated to improve electrical conductivity.

Aditive characteristics


Biofuels are integrated into the CLH Group's logistics system, and we collaborate in their development with facilities in Spain adapted to provide logistics services for 1st and 2nd generation biofuels. We offer the following services:

  • Blending with biofuels
  • Storage, mixing and dispatch of biofuels
  • Certification system for biofuels for transport purposes