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How we do it

Our experience and knowledge allows us to cover the entire life cycle of oil product logistics, including: financing, engineering, project development, operation and maintenance.

For the CLH Group, excellence in customer service is a key aspect of our strategy. Thus, one of its objectives is to guarantee society a secure supply of fuels, focused on efficiency and quality of service.

In addition, at CLH we remain committed to meeting the needs of our clients, both in terms of the services currently provided and in terms of the ongoing development of services that meet new needs. This translates into proactive and agile behaviour, so that the company anticipates the needs of the sector through constant monitoring of the evolution of technology, the market and changes in current legislation proposing solutions, initiatives and new services that allow a competitive advantage for our customers.

At the CLH Group we offer remote and real-time access through our information systems to all operations and transactions necessary for the development of the business of our clients, so that they can operate autonomously without the need for intervention by CLH personnel.

In addition, we guarantee compliance with current specifications for all the products we handle and distribute. For certain products, the quality specifications are more demanding than those indicated in the current legislation, thus providing the market with an additional guarantee.

On the other hand, through our continuous commitment to R+D+I, we maximise the efficiency of all our operations and remain at the technological forefront of our sector. This continuous improvement in efficiency allows the prices of the services we provide to be maintained or reduced annually.

At the CLH Group, we undertake all our activity based on responsibility towards people, the safety of the same and of the goods, environmental respect, social and ethical commitment and sustainability in all its aspects.