Through CLH Aviation Ireland, a subsidiary of CLH Aviación, we manage the fuel storage terminal and fuel hydrant network at Dublin Airport, offering logistics services for Jet A-1 receiving, storing and shipping.

CLH Aviation Ireland manages the aviation fuel infrastructure at Dublin Airport in an Open Access manner, providing non-discriminatory service to all suppliers operating at Dublin Airport, as well as to the various cabin suppliers.

CLH Aviation Ireland is carrying out a major refurbishment project for this terminal, including the expansion of the plant capacity and the construction of a new hydrant system.

The new facility will have three storage tanks measuring 5,000 cubic metres each, office and service buildings, parking, pumping stations, loading systems for the on-board units and the most advanced security systems.

The project also contemplates the construction of a hydrant system to facilitate boarding operations, which will be connected to the storage terminal and whose first section is already operational.