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What we offer

CLH Group provides logistical services to the main players in the liquid fuels market, both hydrocarbons and biofuels, as well as onboard services to the main airlines, or management and design of assets and infrastructures for the storage and distribution of aviation fuels.

In Spain, we manage an integrated logistics system that is at the technological forefront of the sector, offering access and availability of its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, wherein quality and efficiency are always present in all our operations, allowing us to take better advantage of our logistics infrastructures.

The main access points for product entry in Spain into the CLH Group's logistics system are the refineries that are connected to our logistics system, the port facilities and the storage terminals connected to the system. The integration of the transport and storage system means that any facility not included in the above can also be a receiver and dispatcher of products.

In addition, biofuels can be received at some facilities where the blending service is also provided on the loading arm.

In addition, if necessary, we analyse the feasibility of receiving products by other means to adapt to the demands of our customers and to offer them differentiated logistics services tailored to their needs

In the UK we provide logistical storage and transport services to various military facilities and some of the main airports in the country.

In Ireland, we operate the fuel storage terminal and fuel hydrant network at Dublin Airport, offering logistical services for the reception, storage and dispatch of Jet A-1 aircraft. This service is provided by Open Access, providing a non-discriminatory service to all suppliers operating at this airport, as well as to the various agents on board.

In Panama we offer fuel supply and operation and maintenance services at five airports in Panama.

In Oman, we provide pipeline transport services and storage of kerosene and diesel fuel.

Whatever the logistic needs of our customers, at the CLH Group we have the necessary experience to respond efficiently to any custom requirements.

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