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E-Delivery note

With the digital delivery note system at CLH, all the documentation related to road tanker loading operations can be managed using a mobile application: e-CLH.

This system simplifies the loading distribution process by providing drivers with all the information on their mobile devices, so all they need to do is register the different steps, thus helping avoid errors and ensuring that the information is highly reliable. The application includes:

  • Management of delivery notes and waybills for the current dispatch. The system generates all the documentation in electronic format and electronically delivers and signs each delivery note.
  • Verification of driver documentation. The app informs the driver if any of their documents have expired.
  • Verification of vehicle documentation. The app informs the driver if any vehicle documents have expired.
  • Management of empty tank waybills. The app can handle empty tank waybills from previous trips.
  • Queries of loading orders. The driver can check the availability of loading orders before arriving at the CLH terminal.
  • Downloads of signed copies of delivery notes in PDF format via website. The carrier has access to a website containing copies of all the digitally generated delivery notes.

All the details of the loading process are sent to our IT systems in real time, so that the information is centralised, up-to-date and accessible.

With delivery note, the recipient, carriers and oil operators also automatically receive a digital copy in their systems, thus avoiding delays and losses when sending documents and facilitating the control over and processing of this information.

In addition, this system simplifies daily work by avoiding the need to scan and file paper copies because the digital delivery notes are fully valid with public agencies for all legal purposes.

This system prevents the emission of 150 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year and saves the equivalent of 600 trees from being cut down.

The e-CLH application is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us at:
E-mail: soporte.albaranes@grupoclh.com
Tel: 900 102 603



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