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A team with passion and talent

At the CLH Group, the values and behaviours of our people make the difference. As leaders in the international storage and transportation of hydrocarbons, our professionals have the best training and motivation, as well as the best human qualities to bring energy where our customers need it.

Values of the CLH Group


Our behavioural model

  1. Safety: Put safety ahead of everything.
  2. Client: Make yours the needs of the client.
  3. Exemplariness: Be coherent.
  4. Debate: Listen out. Put yourself in the place of the other.
  5. Team: Work as a team.
  6. Proactivity: Live every moment as an opportunity.

People are our true driving force and source of energy, and both our employees and our customers can see this. Safety always comes first in our behavioural model.

What about you,

do you have a passion?

Are you excited about finding solutions to satisfy your customers?

Do you have a vision of the future?

Do innovation and the creation of solutions inspire you?

Do you think constantly of the future, and a better, more sustainable society?

Are you motivated by challenges and learning?

Do you aspire to make your mark?

At the CLH Group we look for all this from you, and we can offer you a variety of opportunities based on your profile.