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Respect for the environment

At the CLH Group, we are committed to carrying out all our activities whilst minimising their environmental impact and optimising the use of resources, as established in the principles set out in our environmental policy.

Integrated environmental management
Every employee or collaborator pays special attention to environmental issues via active, responsible commitment.
Minimising the impact
We strive to identify, characterise and minimise the environmental impact of our activities and strive for efficient use of energy resources and raw materials.
Continuous adaptation to applicable regulations
We comply with the environmental legislation applicable to the various facilities and operations of the CLH Group and rely on international standards in those actions that could have a significant environmental impact, especially in those areas where there is no applicable legislation.
Pollution prevention and potential risk assessment
We apply the basic principle of pollution prevention at all the various phases of the CLH Group's business.
Application of efficiency criteria in the resolution of environmental issues
Collaboration with society
We collaborate with various administrations, non-governmental organisations and public and private entities in the search for solutions to environmental problems in today's society.
Incorporation of environmental criteria into the general management of the business
Environmental criteria in the relationship with contractors and suppliers
We use environmental criteria in the selection and assessment of contractors and suppliers that work for CLH, requiring behaviour in line with the internally established standards.
Environmental communication and information
We favour internal and external environmental communications with transparency criteria.
Environmental training
We promote environmental training for all those involved in the management and operation of the CLH Group's infrastructures.
Continuous improvement
We carry out a systematic and periodic environmental evaluation of the Environmental Management System, with the aim of promoting the continuous improvement of our processes.